In all the disappointments about Brexit, one stands out for me — the inability of the libertarian Brexiteers to outline a coherent vision of what Brexit will accomplish. They used to see rational economic management as as a virtue, now what matters is culture. Brexit has degenerated into a culture war.

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Brexit bet

I made a bet with a friend on whether Brexit would improve the British economy or not, relative to the European Union. The terms of the bet are in the following pictures, and the starting point is the second quarter if 2018.

While the relative standing of the British economy has fallen quite a bit since the last quarter before Brexit, under the terms of the bet, neither of us is ahead.

My Brexit bloggs


My view when Brexiters is nicely captured by this short poem by Georges Brassens:

Mon voisin du dessus
Un certain Blaise Pascal,
M’a gentiment donné
Ce conseil amical :
«Mettez-vous à genoux
Priez et implorez,
Faites semblant de croire
Et bientôt vous croirez.»

Advice to Pascal, loosely translated as “Kneel, pray, make it look as if you believe and soon you will believe”.

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