Brexit and Marxism. Jon Danielsson.

Brexit and Marxism

January 3, 2021
The Brexiteers and Karl Marx have more in common than often thought. Both were guided by ideology, and both refused to tell us how to get to the sunny uplands they promised.

When Karl Marx was challenged to explain how his theories would work in practice, he refused, retorting that he did not want to be the chef in tomorrow's kitchen.

Same with Brexit. Prosperity will be achieved by sovereignty and freedom and leaving the control of the evil European Union. But even today, when we already left the European Union, we have no idea how all that freedom will translate into prosperity.

When making investments, we ask for a prospectus, telling us what may happen if we invest. Where is the prospectus for Brexit? I only know of one document, IEA's "Plan A+: Creating a prosperous post-Brexit UK".

Can someone please tell me how to get to the sunny uplands?

When ideology drives countries, evil results. Half a millennium ago, when we had the reformation and the counterreformation, both promised sunny uplands. Neither delivered. Tens, even hundreds of millions of people lost their lives, and Europe was devastated. Both lost.

Karl Marx promised sunny uplands. His followers killed hundreds of millions of people and did not find Marx's utopia.

I am with Erasmus, John Stuart Mill and Karl Popper in rejecting the ideologically driven extremism of the Brexiters.

They can't even tell us how Brexit will be a success.


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