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Ignoring the Corona analysis

April 15, 2020
We are bombarded by Corona epidemiology analysis. How it spreads, how to contain it, how to cure it, how it will play out. I am ignoring it all.

How much of this analysis makes any sense? I can't tell, I'm an economist, not an epidemiologist.

However, I do see how all the media pundits write about my field of expertise, financial risk. By and large abysmally badly. Anyone taking seriously what most of the media says about financial risk might just end up becoming depressed because the easiest way to get attention is to sell doom and gloom.

I have the impression all the pundits commenting on Corona are no better. I can't tell, but there are signs. They are time inconsistent. Reach extreme conclusions. Even the government experts have very different analysis in different countries, and even authorities in the same country are also quite inconsistent.

So, to make sense of it all, I can either get a degree in medicine, and then a postgraduate degree in infectious diseases, or ignore all of the analysis.

I'll do the latter

However, I have written a bit about Corona within my expertise.

But as to all the epidemiology in the media. I'll ignore it.

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